About Us

About Tree Cutting Services

Our Background

aboutAs a company, we have come to a point where tree cutting, trimming and lopping trees has now become an obsession. We simply love it.

From humble beginnings 15 years ago, we have grown into a fully fledged, professional tree services company servicing private, corporate, public and different types of clientele.

From a staff complement of two tree cutting hobbyists, we are now proud to host a motivated staff of 7 tree cutters.

The journey to now has been full of interesting adventures and incidences. Call us today to know more about our services

Our Vision

To be the prefereed tree cutting, pruning, grass cutting and tree management company in Harare and Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

We provide insured tree cutting, trimming, grass cutting and other related tree management services in Harare and Zimbabwe through an empowered and motivated workforce.

Our Values



Project Time Conscious

Infrastructure Conscious

Risk Conscious

Our Services

Tree Cutting Services offers different services. These range from tree cutting, tree trimming or pruning, stumping services and grass cutting.

Tree Cutting Services

Do you want to have a tree cut of felled completely. Tree Cutting Services is your tree cutting provider of choice. It does not matter if the tree is located in a complicated situation. We provide safe and professional tree cutting services in Harare and Zimbabwe.  Are you in Bulawayo, Mutare, Chitungwiza, Gweru, Kwekwe, Beitbridge, Matusadonha, Chegutu or anywhere. Call us today.

Tree Trimming Services

Do you have a tree that need some branches to be cut or trimmed. Trimming involves cutting some unwanted branches of a tree. There are so many reasons one may choose to trim some branches. The branches might be encroaching into power lines or critical infrastructure. Or you might want to make a tree look beautiful and nice. We have tree cutting surgeons and abhorists who can do it professional. Call us today on 0716044263

Tree Stumping

Perhaps you have that stump that looks unsightly on your property. That stump which is actually an eye sore. We can assist you as a tree stumping services company in Harare and Zimbabwe. You might be considering building a structure where the stump is. Do not worry. We employ different means of stumping. We can use manual or mechanical stumping services in Harare.

Grass Cutting Services

Tree Cutting Services also offer grass cutting services in Harare and Zimbabwe. Do you have some lawn that needs to be cut and you do not know anyone who can assist? Perhaps you need a face lift to your lawn? Call us today for all your grass cutting requirements in Harare and Zimbabwe.