Tree Stump Removals

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Also known as tree root removals, tree stumping involves removing the stub and its roots. In as much as we can reduce the stump to minimum levels, there is a stub that is always left. A chainsaw can cut a stub to a certain level. A further cut to ground level is not possible because this can damage chains.

Some people do not have any problems with stumps. Actually, the stumps can be put to various uses.

Uses of Tree Stumps

Tree stumps serve a lot of purposes. So you might not want to rush to remove that stump. For a start, nicely cut stump can be used for landscaping and decorative purposes. Have you gone to a certain property where a nice flower pot as been put on top of a stump. Or some wire and reed baskets have been hung on the stump? Or a statue has been beautifully stuck onto the stump.

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Or if a stump is big enough, it can be used as a fairy house for children to play in. Uum, thats fabulous. Or moreover, old tree stumps can be used as planters for succulents. Yes, in these instances, stump make a home our homes beautiful.

However, there are cases that might make you consider tree stump removal in Harare. Lets explore these reasons

Reasons for Tree Stump Removal in Harare

Having looked at the benefit of leaving stumps in your property, there are also good reasons you should remove the stumps.

Curb Appeal

Not all stumps are always beautiful. Some are actually an eye sore to property owners

Property Value

Given that they may be an eyesore, a reason stated above, some people therefore believe that stumps can reduce property value


People might risk injury if they trip on a tree stump. Tree stumps can also damage equipment, for instance, if someone is mowing in the garden. Having said this, stumps can therefore reduce working efficiency. Imaging mowing a yard with a lot of stumps!

Taking up that space

Stumps can take up important space that could be used for something else. Perhaps you want to plant trees, add a pool or install a children play area, a stump can make this impossible. Another reason stumps are not good is they can continue to grow and interfere with pipes, infrastructure, buildings and buildings, etc.

Diseases and Infestations

Stumps can attract dangerous creatures like snakes and other vermin. They also can have some diseases which can spread to other trees. Although live trees can also spread diseases

Having said all the above, there are a lot of reasons you should choose our stump removal services in Harare

Reasons you should choose our stump removal services

Considering stump removals in Harare? At Tree Cutting Services (Pvt) Ltd, we offer our customers a complete service package. From a wealth of experience in tree stumping grinding and tree root removals to our customer service, we pride ourselves on providing you, our ultimate customer, a customer satisfaction guarantee. The following are the reasons you should choose our stump removals.

Dedicated tree stump removal

We have invested a lot of resources into stump removals in Harare so that the job we do for you is easy and fast, saving you a lot of time.

Customer Focused

As a tree cutting services company that makes sure your needs

Not all stumps are always beautiful. Some