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tree cutting cost harareAre you wondering how much tree cutting cost Harare? Then you have come to the right post. Some people may consider cutting a tree on their own because they think its expensive to hire a professional tree cutting company. Yes, if the tree is smaller and manageable, you can do it on your own. But if the tree is much bigger and located dangerously, then you need to consider seriously the services of a tree cutting company in Harare

A tree cutting company has experienced tree cutters and abhorists. They also have the right equipment and expertise to take care of your tree problem.

Tree Cutting Cost Harare Factors

As mentioned above the cost of cutting a tree in Harare depends on a number of factors. You can pay as little as #40 or as much as $2500 to cutting a tree in Harare. Generally, the cost of cutting a tree will depend on the following:

Tree Size

The smaller the tree, the cheaper. The larger the tree, the much more expensive tree cutting cost harare shall be.

The diameter of the tree

The bigger the tree trunk the more expensive the tree shall be to cut. The smaller the trunk, the cheaper the tree is to cut. However, the tree might have a smaller diameter but be rotten or diseased. The tree cutting cost harare may go up.

The location of the tree

This factor is also important in tree cutting cost harare calculation. If the tree is located close to obstacles like houses and other critical infrastructure, it may be expensive to cut.

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